Glenn Denton Ministries

Still Preaching, Teaching and Reaching

My sole purpose in the remaining years of my life is to continue to preach anywhere God opens the door. In the last 3 months I have been in 20 Churches and had strong moves of God in several. I want to bring my experience of over 40 years to help any Church, in consultation or advisory assistance. I will take the first door opened on any given date no matter the size of Church by preaching, teaching, one-day revivals or harvest days, supply, revivals, conferences, retreats, or short interims or any occasion where I can preach the inerrant Word of God. My heart is firmly set on evangelism, revival, and Church repentance and growth. At all times the Lord Jesus Christ will be lifted up and proclaimed to be the only way to Heaven.

All I request from anyone is pay expenses and a love offering, but if the Church cannot afford to have an evangelist I will work with you. The purpose of this ministry is not to make money, but to reach people in the power of the Holy Spirit. Any gift given is tax deductible and will be used to continue this ministry. Make checks payable to “Glenn Denton Ministries”.

Available For:

  • Events
  • Men's Meetings/Retreats
  • Israel Tours
  • Revivals
  • Conferences
  • Short Interims
  • Consultations
  • Supply


God's Blessings

Pastored Hillcrest Baptist Church

Since August 1989 until December 2017. Raised Membership to over 2000. 600+ Sunday School attendance. Archived sermons available on YouTube and Vimeo

Baptized over 2000 people

Lead Southern Baptist Convention in Baptism. Baptising more than 100 people each year between 2001 thru 2015

Received Doctorate

Presented Honorary Doctorate by Dr Harold Hunter of Trinity Seminary 2014

Preached Crusades Worldwide

Ministered in Africa, Costa Rica, Greece, Israel, and the Phillipines.

Guided Tours of Israel

Biblical tours of sites in Jerusalem, along the Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, and many more.

Tour scheduled for October 30, 2019 thru November 8, 2019. Contact me for brochure or registration.

Contact Me

Phone: (615) 202-1134